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Shella Monova is a family brand whose history began in 2020. Designer Olga Shelamonova went on a trip to Uzbekistan — the country where she was born and spent her childhood. The distinctive beauty of nature, freedom-loving temper and spirit of nomadism combined with the rich history and cultural heritage of her homeland inspired Olga to create clothes that will give a sense of freedom, lightness and connection with the origin, wherever you are — in the city, on the beach or at a party.

Together with her mother, designer-seamstress Elena, Olga decided to create a collection of robes and kimonos that will become an indispensable companion for all occasions and a favorite thing in the wardrobe. It was decided to use fabrics from the motherland — handmade ikat dyed using a special technique. That is how the first collection of bathrobes and a family brand appeared, which connects mother and daughter from a distance.
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